Undeniably influencial, powerful, and painful. Social media and SEO optimization is an essential exercise in patience and persistence. Altabos can help.

Very few businesses love actively engaging in SEO and Social Media efforts. It’s largely seen as more or less a necessary evil.

Regardless of your opinions on their value on your business’s bottom line or even society for that matter, the reality is it unequivocally has a meaningful effect on your business if only as a branding or networking mechanism. If done right and efficiently, it’s one of the most affordable channels for marketing your business effectively and to your targeted audience.

While traditional marketing efforts might have a broader initial reach, content created for SEO purposes remains searchable and relevant for an extended period, potentially generating traffic and leads over time. Social Media content also has the potential for prolonged visibility through shares and interactions. Outside of the rare viral moment, think of SEO and Social Media efforts as a low-risk long term investment strategy.

Much like our holistic approach, a fusion between branding and technology, we have a deeply rooted belief that quality content combined with a well organized digital architecture creates an effective online strategy.
Areas of Focus
Visibility Assessment
Competitive Analysis
SEO Evaluation
Social Media Evaluation
Optimization Planning
Keyword Research
Long-Tail Keyword Identification
Strategic Keyword Placement
Quality Content Creation
Local SEO
Social Media
Paid SEO and Social
Email Marketing
Website Speed Optimization
SSL/HTTPS Implementation
Crawlability and Indexing
Redirects and Broken Links