From inception to launch and beyond, delivering a full suite of strategic and production services to the delivery startup that takes aim at redefining local logistics.

Cincinnati startup, Joey, aims to change the way consumers think about delivery by offering a modern, price friendly, peer-to-peer solution on small to large-scale deliveries.

Joey offers a wide variety of moving services based on your needs. If you need a hand with a retail store purchase, moving across town, a home improvement project, or simply delivering a gift across town to a loved one, Joey can help.

From the ground up, the Altabos team has worked with Joey for end-to-end leadership and productions on everything from naming the company, business strategy, branding, app design, app development management, to marketing strategy and deliverables.
Technology Services
Brand Identity

Our method for naming the brand involved a myriad of creative exercises and research. This culminated into a group of candidates to be analyzed for search saturation, potential trademark conflicts, phonetic response, and domain availability. At the end of the day, the important question of “does it feel right?” was unanimously in favor of Joey.

It’s easy to get swept away in cliché characteristics or over-thinking a logo direction for the brand’s identity. With Joey, the obvious would be a kangaroo logomark or a design element that implied moving or delivery. Instead, we opted to focus in on the name Joey without any clutter or distraction.

By letting the name do the heavy lifting, we focused on Joey’s color palette, typography, brand visuals and messaging to convey the company’s core personality traits.

Brand In Use
Website + Mobile Apps
A consumer app, driver app, and operations dashboard were all developed in concert to deliver a streamlined experience.
In addition to highlighting the services and benefits of Joey, the website provided visitors an opportunity to order a Joey or sign up to become a driver from their phone, tablet, or desktop.
Marketing + Social Media
Billboards, radio ads, social media, in-store branding and promotional campaigns were all utilized to build brand awareness.