Delivering intuitive solutions from out-of-the-box or custom technology platforms tailored to your business.

At the center of any innovative solution is an understanding of the customer’s business process and any obstacles they may encounter. It’s not enough to just throw ideas at a problem and hope one of them sticks. Its about carefully listening to the client, assessing the landscape, evaluating available platforms, forecasting trends, and designing a solution to solve a problem. Sometimes, this is a simple pivot in technology that yields an optimal result. For others, its a combination of technology and a tailored redesign of the business process.

Altabos starts from the business side and works towards technology. Of course, new and great technologies are being created every day, but technology can’t fix an already bad process.

In a technology-driven world, the key is utilizing the correct technology in the right area, for the right reasons, and tailoring it to your business. With over 25 years of experience in system architecture and design, Altabos is distinctly positioned to provide this guidance and deliver intelligent technology solutions.

Good developers and technologists can write code based on the requirements that are given to them. We take it a step further—engaging each project with the mind of a CTO or Enterprise Architect and working with the client to determine the best path to take. We look at current systems, technologies, and even skills of people within the organization. From start to finish, Altabos takes on the leadership role of the project and will ultimately drive deliverables and results.

Areas of Focus
24/7 Monitoring
Remote Troubleshooting
Inventory and Asset Management
Configuration Management
Endpoint Protection
Patch Management
Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Security Audits and Monitoring
Security Training
Disaster Recovery Planning
Offsite Backup and Redundancy
Cloud / Datacenter / Network Design
Microsoft 365 Management
Email Security Services
Email Archiving

Over the course of 19 years I had accepted the fact that is was just normal to always have unresolved IT issues that we would just have to accept. That was until working with Altabos. Since we made the switch, Altabos has resolved every single one of our most complex IT projects and problems 100%. They take on every challenge and nail it every time so all we need to do is focus on our business. It's truly a relief to know that we do not need to be the experts.

E. Werner, Owner at Coolest Toys On Earth