Branding is not just placing your logo on everything. It literally is everything — a reflection of impressions, visuals, language, interactions, characteristics, and values that create a clear vision. How staff and customers interpret your brand has a direct influence on the culture and growth of your company.

Branding is the undeniable voice and essence of an organization. It’s the spotlight that introduces or reaffirms a company’s persona and mission with the ultimate goal of an everlasting relationship with its consumer.

Today’s consumer is bombarded with endless amounts of information, sales pitches, and ridiculous fodder in an ever-growing landscape of channels and platforms. The average consumer is exposed to up to 10,000 brand messages a day. That’s why the best brands are uniquely concise, consistent, and creatively on point.

Recent studies have shown that brands have two to five seconds to make an impression. Two to five seconds to convey your message, your product or service, values, and personality.

Rapid fire commercials, blinking web ads, billboards, commercial signage, store aisles loaded with products, 280 character apps, news feeds and photo and video driven sites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Tik Tok. Consumers are being hardwired to making rapid decisions based on limited information. This rapid current of information means companies must embrace brevity, clarity, and consistency in their brand and marketing strategies and channels. Making real and meaningful connections is more important than ever before and the key to your business growth. Fair or not, a poorly executed brand, website, or ad can give consumers the impression of poorly executed services or offerings. This is why we’re so focused on helping businesses intelligently build and share their stories.

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