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Altabos provides over 75 years of combined executive leadership services and award-winning practices to businesses. Our mindset is entrepreneurial, our eyes on the details, our hearts are in creative and technology, and our drive is helping ideas and businesses grow — its what motivates us to provide discovery and strategy sessions as a complimentary service to businesses and organizations.

Leadership Team

We are constantly pushing ourselves and our clients to be better and to expect better.

Tom Moore

Process & Technology Innovation

Tom has spent over 20 years in management consulting and industry positions working on cyber security, business process, strategy, development, and architecture projects. His experience includes global projects implementing all major ERP systems and over 40 mobile applications. He has a unique ability to become a trusted advisor in any industry.

Stephen Hall

Architecture & Development

Stephen has over 20 years of technology experience. He brings a unique understanding to Enterprise Architecture with experience in working as a developer, infrastructure/network engineer, cloud architect (Azure/AWS), and project manager. He has a niche for understanding business processes and designing solutions to optimize those processes using technology.

David Bruck

Design & Marketing

David has spent over 15 years designing and crafting brand stories. He has extensive leadership experience in brand identity and architecture, web and mobile app design, product and packaging development, event marketing and advertising, and e-commerce and social media strategy and implementation.

Sara Stacey

Director of Business Relations

Sara has over 10 years of experience in the technology industry including environments of software development and consulting. Her unique background includes sales, marketing, training, and management. She utilizes her diverse background to bring a holistic approach to every aspect of her work.

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