Full suite of services including brand identity, web design, technology and cybersecurity management, and integration of custodian services for the Cincinnati-based wealth management firm.

Cincinnati-based wealth management firm Formidable was seeking solutions for growth while overhauling their organizational structure, business processes, and strategic direction.

Partnering in 2016, we worked together to establish a growth platform and allow them to deliver on their mission of providing “sophisticated investment and financial growth strategies custom built for their clients.”

Initial deliverables included a full rebrand, replacement of nearly all technology platforms, migration to the cloud, and creating a clear business process for growth.

Technology Highlights

Rapid Onboarding

Rapid onboarding (in under 24 hours) of 5 new advisors to the team with full access to email, phone systems, and agreements/paperwork.


High volume conversion of client accounts from previous firms to Formidable.


100% migration to the cloud.

SEC Examinations

Successful SEC Examinations with zero technology, branding/marketing, or cybersecurity findings.

Innovation Solutions

Innovation solutions including robo advising, automated client billing, video collaboration/client meeting platform, and portfolio management and allocation system.


Implementation of over 6 solutions for CRM, financials, risk analysis, planning, and client portal technologies.
Technology Services

Chief Technology Officer Services: Dedicated representation and responsibilities akin to an in-house CTO. This includes strategic planning, overseeing technological infrastructure, and driving tech-related decision-making.

Cybersecurity Management and Consultation: Outsourced Cybersecurity Officer, encompassing a wide range of services such as cybersecurity education, continuous security monitoring, and conducting regulatory compliance testing.

Website Hosting and Analytics: A full suite of website hosting services which include proactive monitoring, management, and updates. Analytics for all digital platforms with detailed tracking of user engagement, traffic patterns, and effectiveness of content.

Managed Services for IT Operations: Comprehensive managed services leveraging Microsoft Azure and Acronis. This includes cloud infrastructure, data backup, and recovery solutions. Remote monitoring and management to ensure seamless and efficient operation, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity.

Application Development for Business Differentiators: Creation of custom applications designed to streamline business processes. Sophisticated billing systems, compliance applications for regulatory standards, and comprehensive reporting tools for analysis and decision-making.

Brand Identity

While the name “Formidable” conjours feelings of strength, power, and confidence — it was imperative the brand remained approachable. Capitalizing Formidable in a gracefully practical serif provided just the right balance of formality and benevolence.

Formidable’s logomark was inspired by the deeper meaning of what it means to be “formidable” in the financial space and the philosophical concept that describes them as interconnected forces. Varying principles and methods balanced within a space to create a singular symbol of unity. We personalized this idea through the use of interlocking “F” characters.

Brand In Use
“Since we engaged Altabos, we have experienced growth across all business channels that has been nothing short of jaw dropping. Our company is not only continuing to flourish with their guidance, but is now accelerating. My biggest problem is where to put all of these people that want to work here.”
— Will Brown, CEO/Managing Partner
Website Design