Coolest Toys On Earth
New brand identity, e-commerce, signage, and social media for a local toy store that offers superior and extraordinary toys from around the world.

Acclaimed for it’s curated selection of superior and extraordinary toys from around the globe for kids and big kids alike, Coolest Toys On Earth has attracted celebrities and patrons from all over and established itself as the premier toystore in the midwest.

For almost a decade, Coolest Toys On Earth has partnered with Altabos for its brand development, marketing, e-commerce solutions, point of sales integrations, backend systems and general IT support.

Brand Identity

The simplest solution is not always the right solution. In the case of Coolest Toys On Earth, letting the name (albeit a lengthy one) take center stage without distraction or complexity seemed to be the most appropriate.

Leveraging this company’s unique and playful name, we enlarged the word “toys” to provide the average passerby a clear indication of the retailer’s offerings.

Set atop a conveniently perfect red square, and you unmistakably have an attention-grabbing and clean brand logo.

Brand In Use
Altabos has been the best branding, web design, and social media agency to work with. They take on all projects from small to super sophisticated and explain why and how in regards to their recommendations. They have taught us a lot about how to be as competitive as possible in all of these areas and to be frank, have made us a lot of money!
— Elliot Werner, Owner

Gift cards are essential for retailers, especially during the busy holiday season. For Coolest Toys On Earth, we developed one standard open-amount gift card and four specifically valued gift cards. To take advantage of the brand’s unique positioning, we designed these valued gift cards to incorporate a different puzzle on each of them — effectively turning an otherwise mundane gift card into a toy all on its own.

Website Design