Altabos is a trusted partner for financial advisors throughout the country. We provide RIA’s with creative and technology solutions and services that expand their capabilities and increase prospect acquisition.
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Altabos has a unique background in the RIA industry. We’ve leveraged years of experience working across every compliance area (SEC, FINRA, HIPPA, PCI, SOX) to provide financial advisors with the resources and time to focus on growing their client roster and expanding their business. As a trusted partner, we keep your firm on the cutting-edge of technology, branding, and marketing.

Areas of Focus
Trusted Partner for Financial Advisors

Whether you are planning to go independent from your existing employer or seeking a technology and/or marketing partner for deliverables and guidance — Altabos has significant experience within the financial industry and can centralize important components necessary for any modern RIA to flourish.

Here are just a few of the areas we focus on.

Office Implementation

Altabos helps manage your office moves, expansion, and technology vendors to let you focus on your clients and leverage state of the art technology and services.

Disaster / Security / Risk

As your trusted advisor, Altabos limits your risk, minimizes your security exposure, and ensures you can recover from anything to help you sleep better at night.

Business Continuity Plan
Your building just caught on fire. How do you communicate to your team? Where does your team go for work the next day? How quickly can you get back to business? Being prepared for disasters are not just about technology. Building a plan to keep your team working requires temporary office space, equipment, communications to clients, and many other items. Altabos will build this plan and help you test it to make sure you know how bad things are and when you will be back to work.
Disaster Recovery Plan
Your laptop just got run over by a bus. Did you just lose all your work? How long before you can get a replacement, and will it have all your files? Disasters are not just things like tornadoes or fires. Altabos will build and test a detailed disaster recovery plan for things like tornadoes, and for singular events like your crushed laptop. This plan will include how long it takes to recover, and ensure the most current data is recovered. We will also make sure that laptop has real-time backup getting you back up with your files as soon as you can get to another machine.
Crisis Communication Plan
When a crisis happens, it is not always during business hours. Phone trees used to be the method, but more modern solutions are easy to implement and will keep your business and employees safe. Altabos will build a solution to allow you to communicate across mobile devices, email, website alerts, phone messages, and many other channels ensuring your clients and employees are all informed during a crisis.
Tabletop Testing
What would your team do if you walked in and said, there’s just been a fire in the building? Having a plan in place for disasters and business continuity means nothing if you don’t execute tests to make sure your team knows what to do. Altabos takes the lead running tests like these at our clients. This testing will help your firm come back from disasters or any critical situation.
Security Layering & Centralization
Are you safe? What does it even mean to have a “safe” business? Cybersecurity is not just about antivirus programs and email spam or phishing monitoring. Altabos takes a layered approach to security that incorporates physical security (doors, offices, cabinets) along with technology (firewalls, centralized user management and email/business platforms) keeping your firm and employees as safe as possible.
Vulnerability & Penetration
Can someone hack your website and put up an ISIS flag or propaganda? Is your office firewall’s software up to date? Can all of your employees identify a phishing email? Altabos provides services to test all of these vulnerabilities and then implement solutions to close up any holes while training your teams to be protected.
Investment Tools

Providing proven services for the RIA industry to remove the limitations of your custodians and maintain your firm’s culture and message to clients.

White Label Robo-Advising
Millennial and tech-savvy investors require more modern services and want to be in more control without having to meet one-on-one with advisors. Altabos has built a platform for RIA’s to provide robo-advising services to your clients that can be completely integrated with your custodians, with algorithms you design and control, and rebranded to fit your firm’s culture.
Client Billing System
Billing against multiple custodians creates more complexity and potential for errors, as well as increasing the time for your firm to get paid. Altabos’ billing system is a customized platform that communicates directly with your custodians allowing you to run mock billings at any time using asset balances updated nightly. A typical billing run on our platform takes only a few minutes.
Custodian Integrations
The tools available to investment advisors have evolved along with all cloud-based technologies. The risk of implementing a cloud-based system that’s integrated to your custodian can put you out of business. Altabos’ experience cuts across many industries including the investment world. We can help you select the best solution and keep you in 100% compliance, and then we will implement it for you.
Custom Mobile Apps
All companies need an “app”, but how do you get there? Our mobile experience building applications, accompanied by our investment industry experience gives Altabos a unique ability to help your firm identify the areas that make sense to put on a mobile app, and then implement it. Whether we build a completely custom app, or leverage existing tools and services to provide your clients with mobile access to your firm, Altabos can get you there.
Risk Assessment Tools
Risk is not just something your firm needs to be worried about. Your clients need to understand the risks of investing. Building a consistent process for risk assessments is a requirement, but making it a repeatable and easy to use solution is not always easy. Altabos has experience with several risk analysis tools, integrating them into firms like yours. As a part of our portal solutions and robo-advising platforms, we have built custom tools for risk analysis.
Custom Allocation Tools
The portfolio management process varies greatly between advisors and firms. Building a consistent process is the first step, but how do you ensure that the allocations you work up in Excel or other tools are maintained, have the ability to be rebalanced, and more importantly integrated into your custodians? Altabos has experience with many custodians and our familiarity has allowed us to build allocation tools that allow our clients to simply upload the portfolios to custodians or even integrate directly.
Branding & Marketing

There are over 15,000 Registered Investment Advisors in the U.S. Are you doing enough to stand out and attract new clients? Altabos can provide sophisticated branding and marketing services that match your culture and resonate with prospects and current clients.

Brand Identity
Whether your going independent and need a new name and brand identity or simply updating your brand to stand out from the rest of the financial firms, we can tap into your culture and vision for you business to resonate with your prospects and existing clients.
Website Design
Expectations have come along way when it comes to your website. Financial advisors need to convey a level of sophistication and value to complement their in-person communications and outreach. We cultivate a mixture of clear and compliant messaging, mobile-friendly layout and design, strategic CTA placements, and on-brand visuals to enhance your visitor's experience and give you an edge over your competitors.
SEO & Social Media
Like it or not, we've seen significant growth in this area amongst RIAs. With significant generational turnover occuring, maintaining a current and engaging digital footprint to court these online-tethered generations is paramount. We offer several SEO and Social media programs to drive targeted audiences to your site and ultimately increase awareness of your brand.
Marketing can be a powerful tool to build brand awareness. While it will never surpass the importance of an in-person conversation or pitch, it can be the foot in the door. Whether you are looking for a local print advertisement, a community or event sponsorship, or running a digital ad campaign, Altabos can help.

Since we engaged Altabos, we have experienced growth across all business channels that has been nothing short of jaw dropping. Our company is not only continuing to flourish with their guidance, but is now accelerating.

W. Brown, CEO/Managing Partner at Formidable