Brand identity, business strategy, and website for a startup aiming to change the way we do college campus tours.
laptop with xpeeri stickers on it with backpack on desk
laptop with xpeeri stickers on it and backpack on desk

A local entreprenuer with extensive experience in college admissions was in need of our startup services.

The genesis of Xpeeri was to provide students and their parents a tailored, flexible scheduling, and less scripted campus tour experience. Additionally, these tours would be hosted by students and managed like an Uber driver — providing an opportunity for the student ambassadors to make more money than typically seen on campuses.

The Altabos team partnered with the founder to develop a business strategy, pitch deck, brand identity, and website to seek funding and support.

Brand Identity

It was important to give the Xpeeri brand a fun, approachable, exciting, and collegiate appeal.

Derived from “experience,” the Xpeeri name also contains an extra “e.” With this addition, we were able to subtly give attention to the peer-to-peer service model with a balanced swoosh underline.

Some quick graphic elements that could also be used for stickers, buttons, or patches were established to really emphasize the collegiate theme and provide character.

Website Design

As a startup, its not only important to address the problem and solution in clear and concise messaging, but also to energize your audience with positive feelings.

To this end, we combined friendly illustrations with an uplifting color palette to aid in building excitement of the possibilities and deliver a welcoming brand.