Fresh name, brand, and business strategy for the online platform that helps connect health and wellness businesses with their communities.
Quidwell logo and woman sprinting
Quidwell logo with woman sprinting

Finding local businesses in your community that specialize in health and wellness all in one place can be a difficult challenge. Cincy State of Being was created by two friends and was a small local blog that started off as a way to bridge that gap, but quickly garnished a loyal following and demand beyond conception. Growing to over 10,000 Instagram followers, it was clear a new strategy and evolution was needed to keep up with an audience clamoring for more.

Altabos helped rename and reposition Cincy State of Being to the more versatile identity of “Quidwell”. Combining the word quiddity (which means a “state of being”) with wellness, provided a new opportunity to scale beyond the Cincinnati loop while still holding onto it’s roots.

Brand Identity

Quidwell delineated away from a fitness only visuals and embraced a strong yet more sophisticated and inclusive style that evokes a more holistic health and wellness palette.

With a newly created brand name in place, we developed a custom-made typeface for the logo — leaning on the strong legibility characteristics of a sans serif typeface, but holding onto the varying widths common with serifs. The result was a bold (yet sophisticated), modern, and feminine appeal that’s inviting to all.

The pin drop was an important element for the founders of Cincy State of Being. It symbolized their efforts of being the central location for these amazing local businesses bringing health and wellness to the community. By duplicating the inward pointing pin drops and encompassing them in a circle, we were able to create an icon that not only referenced an idea of bearing fruit, but were able to hold onto its origins while additionally looking toward the future through the use of multiple pin drops as Quidwell looks to expand it’s reach to other locations. An alternate of this icon was established for versatility.
Website Design
Quidwell website home page
Quidwell website homepage
Altabos developed a new e-commerce site loaded with features to activate the brand and business strategy.
It was imperative that the new brand’s website was modernized with mobile compatibility, additional on-brand categories to broaden the audience base, enhanced article features, new membership benefits and opportunities, streamlined email marketing channels, and localized pin-point mapping of health and wellness businesses based on a user’s location.
Brand In Use