Project Description


Full suite of design, development, and delivery across all channels for the startup company that aims to change the way we do shipping.

About Joey

Last mile logistics continues to be a big problem for consumers and businesses. Consumers continue to demand cheaper, faster, more flexible shipping options.

Joey is a mobile app shipping company that connects drivers of trucks, vans, and large SUV’s with customers and businesses. While peer-to-peer applications aren’t anything new, Joey’s unique shipping model is a relatively fresh concept and is one that is sure to please customers and drivers alike.

From the ground up, the Altabos team was in charge of business strategy and processes, branding, designing, developing, and marketing the app service.


Snap a picture, enter where and when you want the shipment, and request a Joey.


A Joey driver will safely help load and transport the goods to the location.


The Joey driver will help unload the item safely and the delivery is complete.

When building a mobile application, it’s important that the big idea doesn’t get lost in features. The user experience must be simple and clear in order to gain early adoption and brand loyalty.
Developing a brand program to scale takes experience and preparation. A strong foundation of brand assets and guidelines are essential to your audience understanding the brand’s personality and direction.