Project Description


Website design, UX/UI, web tools development, and digital ad campaign for Great American Insurance Group.

The Projects

A subsidiary of American Financial Group, Great American Insurance Group is committed to helping individuals and businesses secure a healthy financial future. For nearly 150 years, Americans have trusted the company to protect them with innovative solutions and specialization. It’s this expertise that gives them a successful foundation that spans generations.

Needless to say, we were privileged to be asked by the amazing team from GAIG to help them develop a website, some robust online calculators and tools, and digital web advertisements for their emerging RIA division.

The Website

As a dedicated site specifically tailored for financial advisors, it was important to establish a unique style without adversely departing from the corporate brand completely. Incorporating a cohesively sophisticated color scheme, photography style, and iconographic suite was of the highest importance in an effort to appeal to the targeted audience. Simply put, financial advisors needed to feel at home.

Evaluation Tool

GAIG required a calculator to interpret a user’s financial situation and where the customer wants to be when they’re retired. We took the information from GAIG and developed an algorithm and web-based tool to receive inputs from the customer which recommended an optimal financial product. The tool was designed based on GAIG’s style guide so the user had a consistent user experience throughout the process.

Digital Ad Campaign

Engaging Google Ads in an effort to build awareness for their new financial advisor solutions, as well as, the Great American Insurance Group brand itself, it was important to carry over the sensibilities of the website into the digital ads. Coupled with deliberately positioned questions, thought provoking announcements, and call to actions, these ads were tailored to specifically identified audiences to encourage further engagement.