Full rebrand of a financial firm who’s mission is to prepare and educate their clients so they can make informed decisions regarding their financial well-being.

A local financial group that had been doing business for decades was in need of a fresh identity. The rebrand ushered in a more modern approach to their visual identity and communications.

Altabos provided the firm with new brand identity, stationary suite, and website design.

Brand Identity

Already a successful and established business under the name Integrated Financial Network (IFN), the firm needed a completely new name and identity.

The Fortegic name was first established as a result of combining the industry-relative words “fortify” and “strategic.” This new brand name created opportunities for a “new,” but “established” visual identity.

The logotype was set in a modern Ancient Rome typeface that projects both grace and authority, while the logomark complimented it in it’s motif and confidence.

The logomark for Fortegic derived from ancient iconology symbolizing a “protective” diety. While the ideas and visual representations around “protection” isn’t a new one in the financial space, it was important to create a more energetic, unique, and alive logomark solution than a simple and scripted fort or castle.

Brand In Use
Website + Mobile Apps

Dominated by a simple color palette of deep blue and vermillion red, additional complimentary colors were added for online purposes.