Project Description


Full suite of design, development, and delivery across all channels for the automated investment startup focused on your wallets and the health of our children.

About Numovo

An automated financial startup needed a full brand architecture suite and strategic digital integration with their custodian. The brand had to convey trust and assurance, but in an approachable and modern way. Since robo-advising is a relatively new concept in investing, the startup also needed to depart from the old and sometimes tired identity usually associated with investment firms.

As a bonus, the company is committed to giving back a portion of its profits in order to fight pediatric cancer. Now that’s something we can all invest in.

Automated advisers offer the most sophisticated portfolio management services available. Because fees are substantially lower than those of traditional advisers, the extra net returns directly benefit the client. — WSJ
It was important in the design and branding process to not focus on appealing to every demographic and audience possible. It may seem like a counter-intuitive marketing approach, but the reality is that most individuals don’t seriously consider investments until they are ready to start a family. Additionally, with Numovo’s strong commitment to fighting pediatric cancer, a family-focused approach makes all too much cents 😉