Project Description


Renaming, branding, office implementation, and website design for a pharmaceutical company looking to change the landscape of health and wellness.

About Callitas

An internationally traded pharmaceutical company was repositioning itself for entering the US markets and inevitable growth that lies ahead. With products that enhance lives and help bring new ones into the world, the brand needed to deliver a solid base for shareholders while maintaining the loyalty of existing customers. The timing for the launch had to meet all regulatory requirements carefully handling of all existing press releases and future communications.

The ability for the company to expand relied on the new name and brand to entice investors and partners to grow product lines and continue their mission of Caring for Life.

Name Origin

calla lily: heart-shaped flower named after the Greek word for beautiful—calla. It’s commonly referred to as a symbol of beauty, purity, and faithfulness.

sospitas: latin translation for safety, health, and wellness.

“We strive to improve the lives of people facing obesity, infertility and intimacy issues. Our products include ground-breaking drug treatments and biomedical technologies.” – Callitas Mission
By taking over all technology and communication platforms for Callitas, the branding launch was timed with the change of stock market ticker symbols, press releases, and shareholder communications. Updates to investor presentations, and the new name continue to attract investors. Most recently Dr. Laura Berman has been added to the Callitas team as their Chief Health Advisor.